We are excited to welcome the following Exhibitors to this year’s conference:

NanoPac, Inc.

Providing technology-based solutions for people with low vision and blindness to assist them in accessing digital and paper print.

Children And Youth with Sensory Impairments (CAYSI)

Educational Resources, Strategies, and Consulting Services for Children and Youth with Deafblindness.

ViewPlus Technologies Inc

For over 25 years, Viewplus Technologies has been a pioneer in technology that benefits individuals with visual impairments. Our Mission drives us to provide solutions fostering inclusive environments across the world. Through our role as an industry leader, we strive to provide equal access to information through advanced embossing technology, robust software applications and innovative touchpad solutions.


Vispero is the world’s largest assistive technology provider for the visually impaired. Although officially formed in 2016, our brands Freedom Scientific, Enhanced Vision, Optelec, and TPG Interactive, share a long, rich history as industry leaders dating back to 1975. We develop and deliver innovative solutions that enable blind and low vision individuals to reach their full potential – to gain an education, obtain employment, succeed in professional careers, and live independently throughout their lives.

LVI America

With the mission to make every day easier for people with visual disabilities, Low Vision International (LVI) designs and develops products with high standards for reliability, simplicity, and serviceability. LVI offers video magnifiers for school, work, and home. Choose from a wide range of video magnifiers like the MagniLink S (MLS), TAB, Zip, Vision, and Voice.


We offer free bible study aids for the blind and visually impaired.

Arkansas School for the Blind

ASBVI Birth to 3 program and ASBVI low vision services.

Educational Services for the Visually Impaired (ESVI)

Educational Services for the Visually Impaired collaborates with school districts, parents, and communities to provide support that empowers them to remove educational and environmental barriers and to create solutions that foster independence for all students with visual impairments in inclusive and least restrictive environments.

iCAN / Arkansas Rehabilitation Services

iCAN is the Arkansas statewide Assistive Technology program designed to make technology available and accessible for everyone who needs it.  iCAN stands for Increasing Capabilities Access Network, and Tools for Life is our philosophy—assistive technology for everyone!  iCAN offers a number of services to help Arkansans of all ages find the AT tools they need for home, school, work, and getting around in the community.