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Pre-Conference Workshop
CVI: Assessment, Phases, and Strategies

Melanie Birthright

This 3-hour training will focus on the CVI Range Assessment, discuss the CVI Phases, and suggest strategies for each of the phases. At the end of the presentation, attendees will understand the importance of using the CVI Range Assessment on students with CVI. They will know how to complete an assessment, be able to distinguish the difference phases, and know how to find strategies specific for those phases. The session will also include a make and take. Special thanks to Angyln Young and the staff at ESVI for providing the materials and supplies.

Building on Patterns P-K: A Balanced Approach to Teaching Braille Literacy to Young Children

Jo Ellen Croft / Luanne Blaylock

Materials: 2019 AR-AER BOP Pre-K Presentation

Building on Patterns (BOP) is the most comprehensive literacy program available for young children learning to read and write in braille. This presentation is an overview of the newly published prekindergarten level (BOP Pre-K). BOP Pre-K was written by experienced teachers of students with visual impairments (TSVIs) and incorporates current best practices in teaching literacy. It is designed to support direct instruction of braille skills to prekindergarten students alongside a balanced approach to teaching reading and writing.

Accessibility and Creative Uses of Available Technology

Christi (Gadberry) Dixon

Materials: AER 2019 Tech Presentation

Participants will learn about accessibility options for visually impaired students using apps and technology available for everyone. Participants should also be able to assess and individual to determine what technology might be best based on knowledge gained from this workshop.

Public Transit Services Available in Pulaski County

Becca Green

Rock Region METRO is the public transit agency serving Pulaski County, Arkansas, and five jurisdictions within it: Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, Jacksonville, and Maumelle. Get an overview of METRO services, all of which are ADA-accessible, and learn the differences between fixed route, express route and paratransit service. Learn what digital tools can help you connect clients to transportation more easily and how your organization can effectively advocate for meaningful public transit service.

Keynote – AERBVI Updates

Emily Coleman

Materials: Guidebook, Tool kits

As President of AERBVI, I intend to share information about the work of our organization over the past year and upcoming events and opportunities. If possible, I hope to take questions from the audience about AER and encourage membership engagement regionally and nationally.

Algebra By Hand™, a New Algebra Teaching Tool for the Visually Impaired – Parts I & II

Michael Eiseman

Materials: Accessible Algebra

Michael Eiseman from Learn by Hand LLC will describe how to use Algebra By Hand™ (ABH), a web application that allows visually impaired students to independently complete worksheets containing simple to complex algebra problems. The student navigates mathematical expressions with a simple self-voicing interface using the arrow keys on their keyboard. ABH describes mathematical expressions aloud unambiguously and breaks them down into a comprehensible structure that can be absorbed and retained at the student’s own pace. Students can manipulate expressions while ABH provides feedback to the student letting them know if they have chosen an inefficient solving pathway. ABH also provides teachers with a summary of the common core standards for which their students have demonstrated procedural fluency. Presentation attendees providing their email address will receive a 1-year license that will allow all teachers in their organization/school system to make unlimited assignments to their students for free.

Google Suite Accessibility

Eric Yarberry

This presentation will teach attendees how to successfully utilize Google Suite applications with screen reading software. The presentation will focus on Google Drive, Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Attendees will also learn the differences between the functionality of JAWS and NVDA with Google applications.

Accessible Document Design: Techniques and Tips for Everyday Accessibility

Melanie Thornton

Materials: Creating Accessible Docs AER Presentation, HTML version of handout

Do you create MS Word and PDF documents? If so, then you are a digital designer. As digital designers, we all have a responsibility to create a more accessible world. This workshop will provide you with the basic techniques for creating accessible Word and PDF documents.

State of Our State

Do you know what’s going on in the field of visual impairment in our lovely state these days? Come join us to learn more about what is happening on the state level, how it impacts you, and maybe even share some ideas. Hear from J.D. Hall, Arkansas Regional Library for the Blind; James Caton, Arkansas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired; Kara Aaron, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System; Betsy Barnes, Division of Services for the Blind; Angyln Young, Educational Services for the Visually Impaired; Dr. John McAllister, University of Arkansas Little Rock; and Sharon Giovinazzo, World Services for the Blind.

Objective Ed: Gamification of Education for B/VI Students based on Core, ECC, and IEPs – Parts I & II

Marty Shultz

You will learn why “gamification” and “closed-loop digital curricula” leads to improved educational outcomes. You will learn which Core and Expanded Core Curriculum skills can easily be taught through mobile games and interactive simulations. You will have the opportunity to see these games played by students, and to try out several of the games.

Yoga with the Blind and Visually Impaired

Teresa Doan

This session will be a basic review/introduction of the relationship of yoga and body awareness for improved sensory development and emotional health. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one, and clothes in which you can move! Namaste

Promoting Braille & ECC Skills through Utilizing a Student-Lead Project Focused on Famous People w/ VI

Tiffany Moore

This presentation will provide an overview to a student-lead project, which was developed to engage and inspire a student in utilizing braille. The project includes researching and writing about successful people who use braille, as well as notable professionals with visual impairments. There is flexibility to focus on a variety of academic and ECC skills. Both TSVI and student perspectives will be included in this presentation.

Modifications and Accommodations in Special Education

Tyrone Williams

I plan to present some common accommodations and modifications for students with visual impairments. In addition, I will provide some information that may be necessary to facilitate learning for students that may have multiple disabilities. At the end of my training, participants will be able to understand the difference between accommodations and modifications. The goal is to be an asset to anyone that may be confused on what they can do to ensure that all students have proper access to curriculum.

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