Session Descriptions

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O&M Observations in Puerto Rico Throughout the 2017 Hurricane Season

Kevin McCormack

Attendees will understand the value of electronic technology in O&M, yet the value of continuing to teach lower-tech devices such as the long cane. Attendees will be able to understand what organizations are helping to contribute to the development of O&M in Puerto Rico and how they may be able to further support them.

How to Scale Up Students’ Digital Literacy Skills

Yue-Ting Siu

Participants will learn concepts of digital literacy and how to differentiate instruction of digital literacy for blind and low vision students. Participants will be introduced to long- and short- term lesson planning as related to implementing access technology with students from kindergarten to graduation.

Lights! Contrast! Action! Creating Safe and Efficient Environments for People with Vision Loss

Darick Wright

This presentation discusses common visual barriers to functional and efficient use of vision in a variety of settings.  Using simulated images, participants will work together to suggest examples of modifications to create safe, functional learning/working environments.

Cerebral/Cortical Vision Impairment: Diagnosing and Approach to Collaborative Care

Barry Kran / Darick Wright

Through a combination of lecture and case presentation, participants will learn how collaboration between optometrists and vision-related professionals can contribute to the diagnosis and the quality of care for students with brain-based vision loss.