Session Descriptions

We’ve all likely seen generational differences. So how do you lead, manage, communicate, and influence the different generations? In Generational Insights we will discuss new ways to view and engage with each generation. We will discuss the generational myths and stereotypes that divide us and share solutions that bring us together.

The Elephant in the Room:
Psychosocial Aspects of Visual Impairment

Cynthia White & Paige Dillinger

This training will discuss some of the psychosocial aspects of the congenitally and the adventitiously blind and visually impaired. It will include a general overview of the psychosocial aspects regarding school-aged children as well as older adults. Additionally, resources will be provided.

From Shopping Cart to Table:
Independence in the Home

Lis Geoghegan

Join me in my kitchen for a virtual demonstration and discussion of many of the tips and tricks used by a blind chef. We’ll look at practical methods you can use with blind and visually impaired students/clients of a wide range of ages and skill levels. We’ll begin with strategies for planning meals; address means of getting groceries and other supplies from the community to your home, organizing your workspace, labeling your appliances and packages, and then spend the bulk of the time on preparing, serving, eating, and cleaning up.

Technology/Classroom Tips and Tricks

Christi Dixon

Various new apps and devices that can be used for the VI to gain access to curriculum.

What attendees will be able to do as a result of participating in this training session:
Will be able to take information and try it out with VI students.
Will be able to provide instruction to others in the field on what was introduced.

Low Vision Conditions and Rehabilitation

Dr. Mary Price & Dr. Megan Shirey

Low vision is functional visual impairment that cannot be fully corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or surgery. Due to the visual impairment, patients may have problems with independence, social integration, equal access to resources, and even employment. This presentation will discuss how to identify patients with low vision, how to assess the degree of vision loss, and what resources are available to help patients overcome visual disabilities.

Demystifying the Chromebook inside of the Googleverse

Dave Wilkinson

In this workshop I will demonstrate the accessibility features of Chromevox, the built in screen reader for the Chrome OS. I will show the similarities and differences between Chromevox and traditional Windows screen readers. Workshop attendees will learn how to change various screen reader settings, navigate around the screen, install Google extensions, and some basic navigation within Docs, Sheets, and Slides.