Arkansas Regional Braille Challenge

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January 24-27, 2022
Zoom teleconferencing, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

The BRAILLE CHALLENGE®, a very special competition that motivates blind students to improve their Braille reading and writing literacy skills, will be hosted by the Arkansas School for the Blind and Visually impaired each February at the ASBVI campus in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Categories of the competition include reading comprehension, Braille speed and accuracy, spelling, proofreading, and interpreting raised-line charts and graphs.

The Braille Challenge is a national program of the Braille Institute® hosted by regional schools and agencies that serve blind and visually impaired children.  It is the only national Braille literacy competition of its kind in the country, and is specifically designed to challenge and reward blind students for their study of Braille, which is essential to their future academic and employment success.

The Challenge days for this year are January 24-27, via Zoom teleconferencing, beginning at 9:30 a.m.  Apprentice and Freshman have 3 challenges, each lasting 25 minutes. The Sophmore, Junior Varsity and Varsity divisions have  5 challenges, each lasting 25 minutes each.  

Virtual Proctoring guidelines:

Contestant and Proctors must have access to internet and a device to video conference

Contests must be delivered to contestant. Note: These materials, including a book port plus, if needed,  will be delivered or mailed prior to Challenge day.

The seal on the packaging must not be broken until the virtual proctoring has begun and the Proctor can view the package being opened via video conference.

A designated person will open contests, provide them to the contestant as needed during testing, and will repack them upon completion.

The designated person  must be present with the contestant during testing.

 Once contests are complete, they must be packed and returned to the Regional Coordinator.

Winners will be announced on Friday, January 28th, at 12:30 p.m. The link to the live announcement will be posted closer to the event.

For more information on the Braille Challenge and for information on sample contests, please visit the Braille Challenge Participant information:

BC 2022_Arkansas Permission Form

Contact Lori Cole at ASBVI for more information.

Arkansas Regional Cane Quest

Cane Quest by Braille Institute

Cane Quest by Braille Institute
April 2022

Cane Quest is a challenging orientation and mobility contest developed by Braille Institute of America, Inc. Cane Quest seeks to motivate students to practice their skills, while also serving as an age-appropriate benchmark for expectations and an opportunity to educate the sighted public about the independence abilities of blind youth and adults.

Who:  Cane-users in 3rd-12th grades (consideration will be given to 2nd graders)

Where:  Virtual

Why:  Promote the independence of cane-users across the state

Contact Whitney Musick at ESVI for more information.

Jump Start
Summer Internship Program

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Program of the Division of Services for the Blind
located on the ASBVI campus, Little Rock

Jump Start is a three-week summer program that the Division of Services for the Blind and the Arkansas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired collaboratively sponsor. The program is for blind and visually impaired high school students 16 years old or older.  The purpose of the program is to expose the students to the world of work and help them with transitioning from high school to employment/adulthood. We place the students in part-time jobs in the morning and expose them to fun and educational activities in the afternoon. This could range from dining at Sonny Williams, taking classes on resume building or gaining skills on cooking and cleaning. We provide the transportation to and from their work sites and we even provide them with a salary.

Contact Latasha Mays at DSB for more information.

Youth Program

WSB logoSummer Programs
World Services for the Blind, Little Rock

From life skills and vocational exploration to college and employment prep, our youth programs are tailored to the needs of the youngest members of our community.

Prep, Assistance, and Supportive Services (PASS) Program for Transitional Aged Youth

Our Pass program prepares transitional-aged youth for college and the workplace. Spanning 6 weeks of the summer, students in our transitional-aged youth program will begin preparing for college or choose to explore careers that do not require a 4-year degree. Students choosing to prepare for college will take a real college course. Students who choose to explore other vocational paths will develop a solid understanding of career options available to them. No matter the choice, all students will receive training in the following fundamental areas, assistive technology, orientation and mobility, activities of daily living, and financial literacy.

More Details

The Pass program provides a multitude of instruction in self-advocacy, job exploration, post-secondary exploration, work-place readiness, and work-based learning experiences.

Focus: The five Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) focus areas include:

  • Job Exploration Counseling to support a discovery process using customized tools that help students discover their skills, abilities and interests
  • Post-secondary Exploration to provide counseling on opportunities for enrollment in local community college / post-secondary education programs
  • Instruction in Self-Advocacy to assist students in gaining the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate, convey, negotiate, or assert their own interests and/or desires
  • Work-Place Readiness Training to develop social skills and independent living
  • Work-based Learning Experiences to provide work opportunities and experiences outside of the traditional school setting

The two tracks are as follows:

College Track

Students on track to college will enroll in a 3-credit college course at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, attend multiple college tours, visit with and learn about disability services and accommodations available to blind or visually impaired college students, purchase books, learn how to navigate FAFSA and other options for financial aid, and continue preparing for the ACT if necessary.

Vocational Track

Students on track to a vocational school or immediately seeking employment will explore multiple career pathways, including tours of vocational schools in the area and a hands-on exploration of our programs through our fundamentals courses, assistive technology instructor, Credit counselor, information technology specialist, customer service representative,  massage therapist, medical biller, and administrative assistant. Students will also take classes in math, language arts, social studies, financial literacy, and workplace readiness. These areas will aid students in making informed decisions about their career path, better preparing them for the workforce.


The deadline for applications and submission of all paperwork is May 15th. Students will arrive the last week of June to begin their coursework.

College Courses will begin the first week of July at UALR in Little Rock.

For more information, please visit us at our Contact page